Trips & Courses

If you want to reconnect with nature, the first step is to decide to do it. We want to make it easy to get outside by finding knowledgable guides and trips. Not only are we getting outside, but we’re learning about local plants and animals. We also have sections on wilderness survival taught by local guides.

The Amazon

One week, 70 miles down the Amazon river, local guides, a rainforest canopy, and millions of species to explore.

The Amazon Rainforest reigns king when it comes to biodiversity. On this trip we’ll get a taste into what this forest is all about. We’ll travel by boat some 70 miles downstream from Iquitos, Peru into the heart of the Amazon. Here, there are no roads connecting you to the outside world. You’ll see what life should be like in this remote region of the world.

We’re working with the local community here to learn some of their traditional hunting practices, such as using a blowgun. We’ll work with Guirmo, the local Shamman to learn about medicinal plants in this forest. We’ll climb the world’s longest rainforest canopy walkway to get a bird’s eye view of the canopy and we’ll work with local guides to understand the cutting edge science going on in the forest right now. 

For this trip, our food, transport, and accommodations are taken care of local guides. The food is fantastic. No air conditioning though. We stay in comfortable bunk-style units that are open air, meaning you get to smell the rain when it comes in! Trust me this is so much better than having luxury AC units in the jungle. For more an overview of what else you’ll see, check out this video I made on the last scouting trip.

Winter Skills ONE

This is a winter “Earth Skills” course that revolves around learning how to survive in the frozen north.

This course is designed to get you outside in the winter and teach you to thrive in these cold conditions. We’ll learn to start fires in snow, build winter snow-shelters, find water, and food.

If you’re nervous about diving into a wilderness survival course in the dead of winter, don’t worry. This is “Level 1” in a four part progression that eventually ends in level 4, where you’ll one get a knife and warm clothes. The rest would be up to you.

This course is 3 days, 3 nights based in upper Wisconsin. At night, we’ll stay in a small bunkhouse to stay warm. The last night, you’ll have the option to stay out overnight in a snow-shelter. 

The current trip is set for Thursday-Sunday in mid January. 

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