Bring back your stone age self

And learn to live healthier and happier

The Philosophy is Simple

Explore. More.

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Gear Essentials

Survival Knife

The blade you bring with you is the most important survival tool. This blade will last a life-time.

Travel Pack

Simple canvas pack to carry your essentials into the wild. 


Your story should be written down for the benefit of those in the future. Handcrafted leather with blank pages for sketching.

Never stop learning


Learning from our elders and the cultures of our past is not only rewarding for the soul, but it makes me happier. I wish everyone could see it the way I do.

Hazen Audel (National Geographic Survival Host)


Pick the wrong plant, you’re dead. Pick the right one, you’re healed. Can recognize the right ones?



Our  bodies are adapted to our stone-age lifestyles. As a result, we need to trick our system to deal with stresses in the modern world.  


Almost every animal can teach us something. Mammoths, for example, are still teaching us about what life was like in the stone age. 


They’re edible. They’re deadly. Some take our consciousness to new levels. What do you know about the little known world of fungi?



Surviving and thriving in the wild is easy, but you may need to take a few other skills with you – a rope, a shelter and a blade for starters. 



Join an excursion. This coming year we are going to the Amazon, (the most biodiverse place on Earth) and a northern winter survival course.