The kingdom of fungi is as misunderstood as it is incredible. In North America at least, mushrooms have historically been much more feared than loved. This mycophobia is largely attributed to a range of mushroom myths and misunderstanding. However, as we research more about fungi we realize that they are fascinating organisms that we can benefit from!

In this episode of StoneAgeMan Talks, Rob interviewed Clinical Herbalist Robert Rogers. They bust some mushroom myths, discuss medicinal mushroom research and talk about the role of mushrooms in medicine:

In short, medicinal mushrooms are incredible and there are many mushroom myths that need to be debunked. Mushroom research is showing great promise in improving mental health, aiding with various health issues, and even for cancer treatment. However, mushrooms like any supplement or treatment need to be taken with caution. For example, some mushrooms should not be taken with certain medications. Also, all mushrooms should be taken in cycles, not all through the year.

Rob and Robert also discussed how modern medicine could benefit from also integrating “natural” remedies. They emphasize that both modern medicine and functional mushrooms have their place in the journey to a healthier life. Robert talks about an ideal future where doctors can be educated and open to discussing the good and bad of both “natural medicine” and pharmaceuticals.

Robert also debunked some myths. Such as: the fact that you can’t touch, smell, and even taste toxic mushrooms – false! And heavy metals can be removed from your body by taking mushrooms. They also talked about Robert’s work, including a book that explores various clinical trials with medicinal mushrooms. An example that stands out is one on turkey tail for cancer treatment. In the study, people with were given turkey tail extract after surgery for colon cancer, and those who received the treatment lived around 10 years post-surgery instead of 5 years.

in all, Robert advocates for using mushrooms in medicine when possible, especially in order to help the body heal itself, instead of covering up symptoms. Watch the full interview for more!

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Kirstynn Joseph

Kirstynn Joseph

Kirstynn is an Ecologist and Science Communicator with a passion for nature, writing, science, and conservation. She was born in Yukon Territory, and is currently living in Ecuador, where she is working on various projects and exploring as much as she can before she figures out the next big adventure. For now, her main goal is to share the wonders of our big mysterious world with as many people as she can.