How Can Psychedelics and Hunting Foster Transformation? W/ Mansal Denton || S.A.M. Talks

Humans have progressed a lot since the time that we were primarily hunter gatherers, but what has this progress cost us along the way? Some people would say that the biggest problem is that we have lost a connection to nature and community. This loss has also likely caused a spike in mental health issues as we navigate a relatively new world for human. So, how does one get back to our more ancient roots? Mansal Denton is working on fostering this way of healing through his Sacred Hunting Trips that combine nature, hunting, psychedelics, community, and more. 

In this episode of StoneAgeMan talks, Rob chats with Mansal Denton about his program – Sacred Hunting. Mansal strives to connect people to nature through the ancestral practices of hunting and traditional indigenous practices, including rituals involving psilocybin mushrooms.

Mansal, after years of struggling with his own mental health, found that a core reason behind many struggles we face today is our disconnect from nature and community. For this reason, he founded Sacred Hunting, a multifaceted approach to facilitate transformation, emotional growth, and connection with nature. He does this through exploring hunting as a sacred ritual, incorporating other indigenous practices with local Native Americans, journaling, removal of all modern technology during the trip, and psilocybin – as a tool to open people up to possibilities and healing. 

People as a part of Nature 

A major focus of sacred hunting is about recognizing the fact that we are a part of nature, not removed from it. Mansal and Rob talk about how they both see the need for us to reconnect to some ancient part of ourselves, to community, and our emotions. They also discuss why these tools are used together and how combining rituals, psychedelics, and hunting with the healing journey does something really incredible for people. 

Sacred hunting for PTSD 

Though not all of Mansals clients are veterans who live with PTSD, his approach can be really effective for those working through the difficulties of being a past combat veteran. During a Sacred Hunting trip for example, Mansal works with people to respectfully and emotionally embrace the hunter archetype and transform it into a positive force. For example, sacred hunting focuses on seeing killing an animal as a way to feed yourself and your family, while also still allowing for emotional connection to the life around you. 

Why Psychedelics?

Psychedelics are an important part of this healing journey because they help to release and express deeply held emotions and traumas. Mansal describes how psychedelics offer an opportunity to navigate and process emotions that may be extremely difficult to get to without this aid. Just like at other responsible psilocybin retreats, these mushrooms are consumed only with intent and as a tool for healing and transformation. Mansal speaks about this in more depth in the video. 

In Conclusion

For those struggling with mental health issues, PTSD, or just wanting to better reconnect with nature and themselves, Sacred Hunting is a multi-pronged approach to help people achieve this. Using hunting practices, ancient rituals, psilocybin, and human connection, Mansal strives to help people on their healing journey. For more you can also watch this video, or go to 

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