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One of the most famous mushrooms in the world is known for being very toxic, but what most don’t know is that it has great potential for microdosing. The Fly Agaric, Amanita muscaria, has historically been used as medicines and is now being microdosed by many people to help with a range of problems. In fact, 12,000 people have self-reported the benefits of Microdosing Anamita muscaria in a recent study!

In this episode of StoneAgeMan Talks Rob talks with Psychedelic Psychotherapist Irene Dubin about microdosing Amanita Muscaria: 

Irene Dubin is a psychotherapist, addiction counselor, trauma specialist, and marriage and family therapist. She is also a former pharmacist, who on her journey to help people overcome addictions began using psychedelics in her therapy. 

In this episode, Irene and Rob mainly talk about a Russian study done by Baba Masha MD. IN this study 12,000 people self-reported their experiences with Amanita muscaria. They were asked to report on how it affected their depression, addiction, chronic pain, skin conditions, and more.

The study found that Amanita muscaria had various beneficial effects. For example, around 80% of people reported improvements in depression symptoms, and around 70-80% found it helpful for addiction. Many people also vouched for its pain relief and mood stabilizing abilities. 

Irene does also talk about using Amanita muscaria consciously and carefully. People should not use it if they have psychiatric issues such as bipolar disorder, are pregnant and/or breastfeeding, or if they have kidney problems. She also reminds people that, like many other medicinal mushrooms, it should be cycled. 

They note that it is important to start slow with small doses and listen to your body as you experiment. By doing so, one can adjust accordingly. This is especially important because Amanita muscaria‘s effects can vary from person to person. Essentially, this mushroom affects people differently because each individual’s biochemical makeup is unique. It may have a calming effect for some and an agitating effect for others due to the presence of different alkaloids. Watch the full video for more! 

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