Cordyceps Mushrooms for Health w/ Stefan Burns || S.A.M. Talks

Fungi do all kinds of weird and wonderful things, but perhaps one of the most interesting is from the group “cordyceps.” Since the famous thriller video game The Last of Us was popularized as a TV show, more people have been curious about cordyceps mushrooms. Though many are simply concerned if cordyceps could infect humans like it does insects, others might have found out more about cordyceps benefits as a functional mushroom. 

Cordyceps mushroom is actually one of our top recommended medicinal mushrooms. There are more than 700 kinds of cordyceps. A common cordyceps mushroom that is used for human consumption is C. militaris. Luckily, this fungi can be grown on grains instead of requiring insects, and is actually quite easy to grow. On top od this, it has a bunch of benefits. In this episode of StoneAgeMan Talks, Robs talks with Stefan Burns to learn more about taking cordyceps for health: 

In short, the reasons to take cordyceps are because it helps with exercise performance, cardio fitness, and increasing oxygen capacity. Additionally, it is recommended for the cordyceps adaptogens that help regulate the immune system. Meaning it can help you get sick less often!

If you are wondering “are cordyceps safe?” The short answer is “yes!” There do not seem to be negative cordyceps side effects. However, like any other supplements you have to take it properly. For example, it is important to take cordyceps in moderation and cycle on and off it. This is not something you should take 365 days a year. Also, make sure you pay attention to how you feel and if it seems like the right supplement for you. Make sure you watch the full interview to get a deep dive into this fascinating fungi. 

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