What happens if you step in a fire ant nest?

A little experiment we don’t recommend replicating 

Fire ants, specifically the Red Imported Fire Ant – Solenopsis invicta – are well known for their having one of the most painful ant stings, that leave you with blistering pustules – ant stings that look like a pimple – and a burning sensation you won’t soon forget. For a deeper look at the mechanics behind fire ant stings check out this article. With this in mind, Rob wanted to see what might happen if he stuck his foot in a fire ant nest, with a few tricks of course. 

Armed with a bucket of ice water and a tub of vaseline, Rob goes in “foot first” to see if he can trick the ants into not stinging him. Watch the video below!

With all this in mind, we do want to tell you to be careful of fire ants. A fire ant sting has a high level of alkaloids in the venom which is part of why fire ant stings itch, and with enough stings you could end up in the hospital. If you notice your ant sting getting worse or think your ant stings caused an allergic reaction, definitely go see a doctor right away! 

About The Author
Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson

Rob has worked as a biologist and wildlife educator since 2001 with the goal of reconnecting people with nature. While in grad school in Hawaii he studied ecology and as a side job he spent years working part time leading nature tours – teaching about the wildlife, the land, and the natural history that made the islands so unique. These were the first sparks that would lead to what is now StoneAgeMan.