A Different Approach to Psilocybin Therapy: Sacred Hunting

Lately, the use of psychedelics and psilocybin mushroom rituals have become increasingly prevalent in mainstream discussions. Though not universally legal, they’ve gained attention for their transformative potential. A few years back, I delved into this phenomenon myself at a Jamaican mushroom retreat. These substances are frequently combined with other holistic practices like yoga, meditation, reiki, and sound baths, making for a harmonious experience.

In the last two years, my perspective was expanded further when I was introduced to a groundbreaking blend of psychedelics and ancestral hunting traditions. Initially, the idea seemed counterintuitive—hunting was the last thing I wanted to engage in while on psychedelics. However, as I explored this intriguing blend, I found it to be a compelling mix.

If you’re puzzled and wish to hear the concept explained by Mansal, the so-called “spiritual hunter,” you can listen to my recorded interview with him. But for now, let me break it down for you:

Why Integrate Hunting into a Healing Process?

It appears that hunting taps into our evolutionary past as hunter-gatherers. Despite our modern, disconnected lives, hunting has been an intrinsic part of human existence for a very long time. By eliminating this component from our lives, what essential experiences might we be missing out on? This is the question Mansal is striving to answer.

Ethical Implications of Hunting

First and foremost, hunting might offer an ethical alternative to factory-farmed meat. Factory farming may be efficient, but it hardly provides a quality life for animals. In contrast, hunting allows you to choose older, free-roaming animals, which arguably leads to a more ethical choice.

The Therapeutic Role of Hunting

The particular hunting expedition I documented focused on combat veterans, many of whom suffered from severe PTSD. Mansal’s approach to hunting offered them a way to reframe their experiences with killing, allowing them to see it as a way to provide for their families. If you’re skeptical about how hunting can be therapeutic, consider watching the accompanying video featuring veterans who found healing through this unique combination of hunting and psychedelics.

Why Combine Psychedelics with Hunting?

This question drove me to embark on this journey. I discovered that a moderate dose of psychedelics can heighten your emotional connection to the animal you’re hunting. It moves you beyond intellectual understanding, helping you feel the gravity of the act.

My hunt culminated on the third day when I finally located an animal. The emotional impact hit me only when I kneeled beside it as it took its final breaths. It was a deeply moving moment that sparked an emotional outpouring.

Afterward, as I prepared the animal for transportation, I felt the significance of the act envelop me. It brought me closer to an elemental aspect of myself that I’d lost touch with, amplified by the psychedelics coursing through my system.

This moment of raw, emotional clarity came against a primal backdrop—standing shirtless and blood-streaked atop a valley as the sun set, with looming thunderclouds in the distance. I felt an irresistible urge to run, even though I hadn’t run for years. It felt liberating and connected me to a primal part of myself that had been neglected.

To sum it up, the psychedelics didn’t just add an extra layer to the hunting experience; they made me viscerally aware of the complex emotions involved.

Several weeks after the hunt, I found myself sitting down to a meal made from that very animal. I took special care in preparing the dish and shared it with my family. While I briefly described to them the unique journey behind their meal, I couldn’t be sure how much it resonated with them. What I do know is that it fundamentally changed my connection to the food I consume, infusing it with deeper significance. For that transformation, I’m truly thankful.

Interested in Learning More?

If this topic piques your curiosity, I highly recommend exploring what Mansal is up to. His venture, SacredHunting.com, offers these types of immersive experiences. As for the legal status of combining psychedelics and hunting in this manner, rest assured that Mansal operates within a legal framework that legitimizes the use of mushrooms. To dive deeper into the philosophy behind his unique blend of hunting and ancient spiritual techniques, consider reading his book, “Sacred Hunting,” which provides insightful rationale for this fusion of practices.

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Rob Nelson

Rob Nelson

Rob has worked as a biologist and wildlife educator since 2001 with the goal of reconnecting people with nature. While in grad school in Hawaii he studied ecology and as a side job he spent years working part time leading nature tours – teaching about the wildlife, the land, and the natural history that made the islands so unique. These were the first sparks that would lead to what is now StoneAgeMan.