Survival Skills

Often known as bushcraft, this is where we’ll teach you skills you’ll need to enjoy the outdoors. While it’s hard to predict if doomsday will bring chaos to set us back to the stoneage, we can learn some of the skills that people all over the world have used for thousands of years. 


No single person knows every bushcraft skill, so we’re here to share the knowledge of some of the amazing people who practice bushcraft.

There are a few main things every person needs when they’re out in the wild. Food, water and shelter. To carry water you need a container. You’ll need a blade to help cut wood and prepare food. Rope helps secure the shelter. A tent, tarp or hammock is a fantastic way to keep yourself dry and comfortable at night.

StoneAgeMan is dedicated to making learning bushcraft fun. Just remember, these are usually fun little things to learn but even if you don’t much you can get out and enjoy it. Plus, you don’t need every little knick knack to enjoy the wild. Quite the opposite. The most important thing is to never stop learning about the wildlife around you. That could mean a weekend retreat in the mountains or a lunchtime stroll in the woods behind your house. 

What are you waiting for?