Plants are found across the globe, and thrive in the same conditions we do. They need just the right amount of sunlight, moisture and heat. Thus, many of our civilizations were built up around these plants.

Plants of the Gods

Countless legends have involved plants, but how and why were each chosen?

Some of the stories we are exploring in this section revolve around our relationship with plants. Which plants can we eat? Which will kill us? Why was Adam given an apple in the garden? Was it really an apple? What tree did Buddah sit under and why? What trees did archers use to make bows and how did that help them defeat their enemies? How have the psychoactive properties of plants changed how we interpret the world?

We explore most of these plants within the context of how humans have used them in the past and what we can learn from them. The hope is that you’ll find this exploration interesting and enriching.  

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