Human Kind

We understand who we are when we examine where we’ve come from.

Why Stress?

Stress is what we feel with increased cortisol in the body. This is an extremely important compound, especially if we’re fighting a mammoth.

The fight or flight response when something scares us was a fantastic response that we evolved when we were both prey and predator. I propelled us into action. Now, we get fight or flight triggers that we can’t do anything about. But, what if we could modify our lives in a way that we could take advantage of this uniquely adapted characteristic?

This is one example of what we explore here on StoneAgeMan. Just remember, the point of the site isn’t to glamorize the lives of those that lived in the StoneAge. It’s simply to try and understand the parts of our brains and bodies that were well adapated to that life, and try to understand what we can take with us as we move into this more crowded industrial lifestyle we have inherited today.

The terms Stone, Bronze, and Iron Age are used frequently here on the site. What not everyone might realize, though, is that these labels refer to an actual “thing” called the Three-Age System. This was one of prehistoric archaeology’s first dating systems, and it revolutionized the field in the 19th Century. READ MORE…

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